This Blog is part of a project for a class on “Political Representation in Modern China,” (to quote the course title). For the project we had to choose a China related topic and write a ten page paper using at least ten sources (five of which had to be scholarly works we hadn’t read in class). Utilizing the web-based format, we also had to incorporate visual aids in our work.

After a conversation with my teacher one day I walked away with the topic of the Foxconn suicides. I had actually heard nothing about it prior to this project, so I have learned a lot from my research. I found this project interesting because it forced me to explore a topic in more depth than I am used to, and it allowed me to formulate my own interpretations and ideas. I also liked the chance to critique the media and look at what isn’t said and how it is said, because reading between and behind the lines is something I’ve always been fond of. Furthermore, pictures and computers are both things I like to work with, so as time consuming as it was setting up this page, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Thanks to my teacher for this challenging project that gave me an excuse to sit in front of a computer all day, and thanks to you for reading it. I mean, you even read the “About” page, that’s saying something. Thanks!

*Note* After writing this WordPress changed how they use pictures, so the pictures on this site don’t appear the same as they did when I first put everything together. Unfortunately this has negatively impacted the layout, but I currently do not have time to go back and redo the entire page as such, so it will just have to stay as is. My apologies.


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